A photo of Katherine

Katherine Penberthy Veilleux

Katherine Veilleux has a Master's degree in Counseling from the University of Vermont. She has studied extensively with Serge Kahili King, Master Huna Shaman, and has been ordained an alaka'i (spiritual leader) with Aloha International. The Aloha Philosophy consists of seven core principles, as expressed in "The Aloha Spirit" by Serge King.

The Aloha Philosophy

The World Is What You Think It Is
There Are No Limits
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Now Is The Moment Of Power
To Love Is To Be Happy With
All Power Comes From Within
Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

Katherine has also completed a two year course in The Art of Spiritual Guidance, which has an interfaith foundation. Katherine teaches, performs wedding ceremonies, presents workshops, conducts spiritual guidance, and uses the Tarot as a tool for personal development. She has read the Tarot for over thirty years. Katherine is also a psychotherapist. Her goal is to guide people to live in connection with their life purpose.

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