Tarot Reading

The Tarot is used as an intuitive counseling tool to assist clients in reflecting on life situations. Clients gain clarity, which enables them to make beneficial choices. Katherine shares techniques for maintaining balance, clear intention, and discernment.


Katherine uses a humanistic, spiritual, and cognitive approach to psychotherapy. She believes that most of our problems are caused by attaching to negative thinking and feeling disconnected from our inner selves. Katherine offers techniques to increase relaxation, inner connectedness, confidence, and focus. She assists clients in understanding where they get stuck and teaches them techniques to use outside the counseling session to live happier and more balanced lives.

Huna Healing

Various healing techniques are employed by Huna healers. Dynamind is one technique that effectively relieves emotional and / or physical pain by relaxing the body, releasing resistance, and allowing the body's natural healing ability to work.

Spiritual Guidance

Katherine encourages clients to connect with their inner guidance and life purpose. Katherine and the client create a container or sacred space - the chalice - in which the client can communicate with the divine and discern his or her life path.

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies can be self-designed or performed according to the Hawaiian Huna tradition.


Katherine can offer workshops on the following topics, or can work with you to design a custom workshop.

  • Maintaining balance in the workplace
  • Meditation
  • Building self-esteem
  • Introduction to the Tarot
  • Huna philosophy
  • Dynamind healing technique
  • Living your bliss
  • Interpersonal communication


  • One hour: $70.00
  • One and a half hours: $100.00
  • One planning meeting, rehearsal and wedding ceremony: $150.00
  • Workshop fees vary
References are available upon request.

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